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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jerry Fun Time!

We had more photoshoot fun with Little Jerry today, enjoy the cuteness!! He's our little babushka!

The WTF House

Found this online the other day: a house in england with a sliding exterior (as in all outside walls and roof) that rolls away to expose an entirely glass house. Thats cool until summertime when it probably reaches 1000 degrees since the whole thing is like a green house. Check out the steriotypically smug interview with the owner and his architect who clearly think they're masters of the universe for creating such a dwelling. I think it's pretty cool, but would be constantly paranoid that someone could be hiding out there watching everything i do.... creepy.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

But I want one too!!

So LEGO employees get little lego people, customized to look like them, as the most awesome business cards ever. um, SO cool!! Why dont we do this? except more likely it would be little mooses with our names and emails on them lol! they could even squeak little phrases like "be aspirational" and "check out my abs".

Bootcamp is looming....

In only a few weeks I will be starting Columbus Adventure Bootcamp to kick my ass into shape! I am slightly apprehensive about this but mostly excited! It's a 4 week program, either 3 or 5 days per week (I'm doing 3) at 5:30am for an hour each day. Activities will be different each day, i think, and will include everything and anything from what I understand. My dear friend Ashley has done it where she lives in Florida and had amazing results. Her instructor required them to follow a raw diet as well, and if my instructor does not require a diet i will be taking this raw diet on anyway, but will add to it with healthy grilled chicken or fish too. i cant do all raw all the time, i'd die! My friend Molly from work is going to be joining me in this adventure, so wish us luck! For just once in my life I’d like to have some nice muscle tone, which this should achieve. We will be doing this from march 16 to april 10, and then I plan to do it again in may just in time for the beginning of summer, bonnaroo, and phish tour!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am currently obsessed with....

Digital Scrapbooking, OMG! I am in the process of making a book to document the first 5 years of Girls Trips that my best friends Amanda and Lindsay and I have taken so far. This year will be the 5th but I had to start on the first 4 already. There is so much inspiration out there and people doing amazing things. This is the blog associated with a great scrapbooking site, and they have some great ideas!
I think these are such creative and fun ways to record memories. I can't wait to make more.... i should have my next one focus around our music festival/phish tour plans this summer! Gotta commemorate the reunion of the greatest band ever!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

please follow my blog!

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:) love you all!

tatiana is a nutcase

I heart american idol. what an awesome show. but wow, have they ever before been so blantent over choosing a contestent based solely on their mental instability?? tatiana del toro (or whatever her name is) is INSANE! and i love her! what a psycho. she's great. this is what makes reality tv aweosme, and there she is now pleading to america to keep her dream alive and she's looking into the wrong camera. what a professional.

on another note, work as been insane too. we had another all nighter monday night and i am still trying to catch up on sleep. i got home at about 7am tuesday morning, slept for an hour, came back to work dead on my feet like everyone else for our huge meeting on tuesday, and slept about 12 hours straight tuesday night but still am tired. yet here i am watching idol, sipping on my wine, and blogging for the first time ever. yay! this dude singing a hero lies in you.... by mariah carey??? wtf.

Welcome to my blog!

so. i'm blogging now. enjoy!

Colbert takes us back to 1997 LOL!

This will never get old... SO cool.