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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The most Delicious Smoothie!

For breakfast I have been making protein shakes since thats the best thing to go along with the workouts. I use a combo of various fresh and frozen fruits, fruit juice or water, and either vanilla or chocolate whey protein powder. Well this morning I made the most delicious smoothie so I wanted to share the recipe! I didn't know how it would turn out but it was great! I call it....

Bluebanapple Smoothie:
~One banana
~About a cup frozen Pineapple chunks
~2/3 cup 100% natural, no sugar added Blueberry Juice*
~1 1/2 heaping scoops Vanilla Whey Protein

Blend until smooth, thats it! I was worried the blueberry juice might add a strange flavor but it didn't. The pineapple and banana together weren't too tropical either, it was just a nice light fruity flavor mellowed out by the vanilla I think. Everyone should try this, and enjoy!

*I can't remember the brand of blueberry juice but I found it in the produce section of Whole Foods and it has other juices mixed in but no additives.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Resist the Dark Side of the Farm

Finally made it to bootcamp

well i found the place alright this morning, only to realize i forgot my water bottle at home! ugg! tomorrow i swear ALL will go according to plan lol! it was a good workout. and a gorgeous morning, it was so nice watching the sun come up as we worked out, cuz we were facing east. the sky was gorgeous light purple. now tonight i have to remember to get to target and get heavier weights. the 3 pounders just aren't cutting it! and some better clothes, my pants always tend to start slipping down since i wear my hollister leggings and the waistband is made to be more flattering than functional. at least when moving around alot ha. the diet is going pretty well too, today i let myself have ONE chip with salsa off of a co-workers birthday snack bonanza, but thats it! soon i gotta run over to the cafe and get a salad, and later this afternoon i will have the baby carrots i brought in.

Monday, April 20, 2009

well this sucks....

I got up all early, got my shit together for breakfast and stuff, got my directions to hastings middle school where bootcamp is supposed to take place.... and i find no one there. i was even running a little late so it was only a couple minutes til 5:30 when i got there so there should have been cars parked somewhere around the school and all i found were school buses. the website says park near the pool but in the dark i saw no pool. i was expecting to see the cars of the other campers parked somewhere and that would tell me where to go, but no. nothing. wtf??? so now i'm a bit pissed they didnt mark where to go or something cuz i was forced to take today as my one off day for the week. what if i have to work late later this week and then i'm screwed? well i'm gonna do one of my workout tapes instead since i'm up all early and dressed for working out anyway. whatever.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I've decided to do Bootcamp again!

and this time i'm gonna stick to a fairly strict diet to try and get in the best shape i can! I have never been one to be toned and fit, and i would love to see if i can actually do it. i know its mostly diet so i've decided to follow the raw diet ashley had to do when she did bootcamp down in florida. she got great results from it so lets hope i do too! its basically all raw food, except i will be adding grilled chicken to the mix since i dont know if i can do ALL raw lol. i will have fruit smoothies for breakfast with whey protein added, lots of salads and raw veggie snacks, and dinner will include chicken every now and then. for salad dressing it can only be minimal EVOO and balsamic, and ashley gave me a great recipe for dressing that includes both of those with avacado to make it creamy, pepper, and oregano. i made a batch of it tonight to last me the week. and, as a point of motivation, i got a cute new bikini this weekend ha! I wasnt goint to do bootcamp cuz i wasnt sure if i could afford it but friday i decided to say fuck it and sign up again, and it starts tomorrow! i hope i meet my goals! losing weight isnt really the main goal, just to lose fat, gain muscle and tone, and to feel comfortable in a bikini for once would be amazing!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We spent easter sunday at tim's grandma's farm with the whole fam, it was nice! dinner was amazing and we had an easter egg hunt for the kiddies. bev even set up an easter egg hunt for the adults with lottery tickets inside each egg but surprise surprise, no one won anything :( well, larry got a free ticket but that doesnt really count :) right now i'm watching american idol and they have quintin terintino as their mentor as they choose songs from movies to perform. this show is great, everyones been doing pretty well so far. I also started to teach Bev how to do digi scrapbooking... I hope she keeps up with it! we'll prob need a few more lessons but i think she'll get it pretty well eventually.
Tim and myself outside at Grandma's farm

Larry, Emily, and Yuki

Grandma, Bev, Burt, and Bruce

The new babies: Wesley and Madison

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Last weekend and other recent things

Well I havent written in a while so I will sum up the last few days as quickly as possible: Friday got some new things at ruehl, went to cinci. saturday tim went camping with cam, taylor, and kenzie; I went to dinner with missy at hugo's where danny works as a chef. had the most AMAZING fois gras, got drunk with crazy restaurant employees. sunday i enjoyed the nice weather and waited for tim to get back only to find out he sprained his ankle camping and has no idea why seeing as he was blacked out drunk when it happened. poor guy is hobbeling around now! work has been insanely busy and i have been finishing up bootcamp at the same time. i have to do 4 days of bootcamp this week cuz its the last week and i still have to make up a day i missed 2 weeks ago. i have been at work til almost midnight every day this week so far, last week i was here til 10 most days, and hopefully tonight wont be as late tho it might be. depsite all that i am still getting up at 430am to work out like a crazy person. good thing bootcamp's fun! good news: dar is moving home in a few weeks! that will be great to have him around again. i dont know if i will do bootcamp next month, i dont think i can afford it, but really want to continue! we'll see.

Colbert takes us back to 1997 LOL!

This will never get old... SO cool.