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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Last weekend and other recent things

Well I havent written in a while so I will sum up the last few days as quickly as possible: Friday got some new things at ruehl, went to cinci. saturday tim went camping with cam, taylor, and kenzie; I went to dinner with missy at hugo's where danny works as a chef. had the most AMAZING fois gras, got drunk with crazy restaurant employees. sunday i enjoyed the nice weather and waited for tim to get back only to find out he sprained his ankle camping and has no idea why seeing as he was blacked out drunk when it happened. poor guy is hobbeling around now! work has been insanely busy and i have been finishing up bootcamp at the same time. i have to do 4 days of bootcamp this week cuz its the last week and i still have to make up a day i missed 2 weeks ago. i have been at work til almost midnight every day this week so far, last week i was here til 10 most days, and hopefully tonight wont be as late tho it might be. depsite all that i am still getting up at 430am to work out like a crazy person. good thing bootcamp's fun! good news: dar is moving home in a few weeks! that will be great to have him around again. i dont know if i will do bootcamp next month, i dont think i can afford it, but really want to continue! we'll see.

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