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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Finally made it to bootcamp

well i found the place alright this morning, only to realize i forgot my water bottle at home! ugg! tomorrow i swear ALL will go according to plan lol! it was a good workout. and a gorgeous morning, it was so nice watching the sun come up as we worked out, cuz we were facing east. the sky was gorgeous light purple. now tonight i have to remember to get to target and get heavier weights. the 3 pounders just aren't cutting it! and some better clothes, my pants always tend to start slipping down since i wear my hollister leggings and the waistband is made to be more flattering than functional. at least when moving around alot ha. the diet is going pretty well too, today i let myself have ONE chip with salsa off of a co-workers birthday snack bonanza, but thats it! soon i gotta run over to the cafe and get a salad, and later this afternoon i will have the baby carrots i brought in.


  1. good for you!!! boot camp butts look good in tiny bikinis, lol!

  2. haha! maybe yours does.... not mine yet :)


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