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Monday, April 20, 2009

well this sucks....

I got up all early, got my shit together for breakfast and stuff, got my directions to hastings middle school where bootcamp is supposed to take place.... and i find no one there. i was even running a little late so it was only a couple minutes til 5:30 when i got there so there should have been cars parked somewhere around the school and all i found were school buses. the website says park near the pool but in the dark i saw no pool. i was expecting to see the cars of the other campers parked somewhere and that would tell me where to go, but no. nothing. wtf??? so now i'm a bit pissed they didnt mark where to go or something cuz i was forced to take today as my one off day for the week. what if i have to work late later this week and then i'm screwed? well i'm gonna do one of my workout tapes instead since i'm up all early and dressed for working out anyway. whatever.

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