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Sunday, April 19, 2009

I've decided to do Bootcamp again!

and this time i'm gonna stick to a fairly strict diet to try and get in the best shape i can! I have never been one to be toned and fit, and i would love to see if i can actually do it. i know its mostly diet so i've decided to follow the raw diet ashley had to do when she did bootcamp down in florida. she got great results from it so lets hope i do too! its basically all raw food, except i will be adding grilled chicken to the mix since i dont know if i can do ALL raw lol. i will have fruit smoothies for breakfast with whey protein added, lots of salads and raw veggie snacks, and dinner will include chicken every now and then. for salad dressing it can only be minimal EVOO and balsamic, and ashley gave me a great recipe for dressing that includes both of those with avacado to make it creamy, pepper, and oregano. i made a batch of it tonight to last me the week. and, as a point of motivation, i got a cute new bikini this weekend ha! I wasnt goint to do bootcamp cuz i wasnt sure if i could afford it but friday i decided to say fuck it and sign up again, and it starts tomorrow! i hope i meet my goals! losing weight isnt really the main goal, just to lose fat, gain muscle and tone, and to feel comfortable in a bikini for once would be amazing!

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  1. Jamie, go to the library and get the book Flat Belly Diet. go on the 4 day diet and see how you do. Aunt Pammy


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