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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We spent easter sunday at tim's grandma's farm with the whole fam, it was nice! dinner was amazing and we had an easter egg hunt for the kiddies. bev even set up an easter egg hunt for the adults with lottery tickets inside each egg but surprise surprise, no one won anything :( well, larry got a free ticket but that doesnt really count :) right now i'm watching american idol and they have quintin terintino as their mentor as they choose songs from movies to perform. this show is great, everyones been doing pretty well so far. I also started to teach Bev how to do digi scrapbooking... I hope she keeps up with it! we'll prob need a few more lessons but i think she'll get it pretty well eventually.
Tim and myself outside at Grandma's farm

Larry, Emily, and Yuki

Grandma, Bev, Burt, and Bruce

The new babies: Wesley and Madison

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