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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Julia's stay is over :(

We had a great weekend tho! She and Sally had to sit at the airport for nearly 3 hours before finally taking off around 10:30 thursday night! She got to my house at midnight so we still were able to make it to ladie's 80's thank god!! goodness, we were drunk! afterwards she wanted to go surprise a friend who lives near the short north and in my drunken confusion i didn't want to go and left her, making her have to find me looking like a lost puppy by the UDF lol!!! I have hazy recollections of this. I do remember being SO releived to see her! we also HAD to stop by white castle (of course) and walked up to the drive thru cuz the inside is closed right now for renovations. people were yelling at us from their cars, who knows what they were saying. Friday we did a little shopping at Ragarama, met Sally and Mark at Betty's before browsing around the Short North for a while, and then we had dinner at the Happy Greek and got a drink or 2 at Surly Girl. we were so tired tho, so we made it an early night after that. Saturday we grabbed lunch at the North Market and got some Jeni's ice cream while we walked home. on the way we checked out the new whiskey bar on high and tried a flight of scotch and a flight of bourbon, that was interesting. We had dinner at Hoggy's that night and went to Bodega for drinks. Again, drunkie :) both sally and julia ended up breaking glasses on the table, we're not even sure how ha! what, are they made of sugar?? julia wiped out too, walking thru the bar cuz the table area where we were sitting is a step up from the bar area and i guess she forgot that was there hahaha! Today, sunday, Julia was invited to Mark's family's place for lunch so she left here around noon :( His family lives somewhere in another area of Ohio, I'm not sure where, so that will be a day trip for them so I bet I wont see her again before she goes back to NYC. They have a flight back early tomorrow morning, and she'll be there a few days doing some interviews. hopefully she can get a job! It was so great to see her and I hope to go visit her in london sometime soon. I'll miss you Julia!!


Whiskey bar

Goofing around at Hoggy's

3 Little Piggies

Broken glass #1

Broken glass #2

Mark and Sally

Mark, Julia, and Sally

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