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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bootcamp has started!!!!!

well, it started yesterday so this is a day late but whatever. it was really fun!! they send an email each sunday with the schedule of what areas of the body will be focused on each day and since molly and i are doing 3 days a week we can pick and choose which days to go to based on that. i am all sore now lol, my butt and legs are hurting the most. i was hobbling all around my apt this morning trying to get ready haha! i can't wait to see what my results will be :) i'm also trying to keep up on eating well, i still have alot to learn i think. what i really need to do is do some research and consolidate it all into an easy chart or list that i can refer to. i'm gonna do that in the next day or two. wish me luck!!

p.s. happy st patricks day!!!

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