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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

UPDATE: Phish pre-sale lottery results will be in TODAY!

and i am freaking out!! please oh please oh please let us get the tickets we want! of course, if we dont get them we can always try for the public sale starting this thursday but that's even more stressful than this is!! these shows are going to sell out in a nanosecond and my summer happiness depends on them!! also, if we get the presale tickets they are much cooler than normal ticketmaster tickets. they have sweet art on them and all that jazz. adds to the collection :) i just love tim's idea of driving out west and making a vaca out of this, so i hope we luck out. i will update with the results! tim and i both entered the lottery individually and our parents each entered for us too in an effort to boost our chances a little. thanks mom and dad and ump and hum!!! results to come soon......

UPDATE: just saw this post on a phan blog i follow, this guy has alot more experience with me so he has quite a bit more insight into this situation than i do... he def shares my hatred for ticketbastard, brokers, and douchbags who turn around and try to resell tickets at a million times face value. wtf is wrong with those people???

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