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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bootcamp update

Well, i am about halfway thru the second week and its been going well! one slight worry: durring last friday's class i started to feel a slight soreness in the middle of my back when i ran or did any high-impact exercises. it went away over the weekend but came back after i did my timed mile last night and i felt it all during class today. i hope this isnt something that could potentially be bad. i talked to my instructor and she gave me alternate activites to do when she asks us to do ones i know will bother my back, and i have had ice on it this morning to try and help the inflamation. it doesnt hurt so much as its just a dull ache. i have no idea what caused it. but thankfully it doesnt stop me from doing most exercises and i have been having fun all the same! molly and i missed the timed mile since she was out of town yesterday, so i did it on my own last night after work. 10min. 12 sec, not bad! at the end of camp we will do it again and see how much we've improved. we also did a pushup trial, just had to do as many as we could do in one minute. well, i could barely do one regular pushup so i did mine on my knees, which they allow, and still could only do 13. so pathetic! i will have to do it on my knees again at the end of bootcamp in order to have a fair comparison, but for my own personal reasons i will try to do regular ones on my own and see how many i can do. anything is better than one!

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