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Friday, March 6, 2009

Phish Reunion TONIGHT!!!....

...and tomorrow night, and the next day. This is both a happy and sore spot for me as I am THRILLED that Phish are back together but I'm truely bitter that Tim and I missed out on tickets to thier reunion 3-night run at Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, VA. Why oh why did they have to choose a venue that only seats like 13,000??? Add to that the fact that they sold the tickets in 3-night packages and they unsurprisingly sold out in about 5 seconds. literally. At least we have tickets to some of their summer tour shows: we'll to see them at Deer Creek this summer (outside Indianapolis) and at Bonnaroo!! Ugg but I want to be there tonight! The scene must be amazing outside the Mothership as we speak. I am checking up on it thru the Phish blog I follow but all that's accomplishing is massive bouts of jealousy. Just think about the summer.... just think about the summer....

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