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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Girls Next Door is OOOOOVVEEERRRRR!!! :*(

Well this is a couple days late but is anyone else as sad about this as i am??? I loved that show. Kendra was my favorite, but i really loved bridget and holly was hysterical. BUT every cloud has a silver lining and Kendra will be getting her own show starting in june (named, brilliantly enough, "Kendra") following her after she moves out of the mansion and plans her wedding to Hank Baskett. Bridget is hosting a show on the travel channel called Bridget's Sexiest Beaches. She'll travel around to different beaches around the world, exploring the local culture, yada yada yada. Whatever, I will be watching it. Who knows what Holly will do, all she had going on was dating the worlds biggest douche Criss Angel, and now they've broken up. Well, Kanye is the world's biggest douche but thats another blog. I will miss they're hilarious antics. Farewell Girls Next Door!!

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  1. Hi,

    I'm working with the Travel Channel's online community team and am happy to send you updates about Bridget's Sexiest Beaches, if you would like!

    Just email me:



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