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Monday, March 2, 2009

Amanda is amazing

My dearest and oldest friend of 18 years, gorgeous and beautiful Amanda Buffington (seen above in the red scarf next to my other equally gorgeous best friend Lindsay in the red shirt, and also giving me a kiss at Ladie's 80's) has been out in L.A. for the last 5 years or so trying to be an actress. (side note: keep her in your thoughts and wish her well!). Well, she just got a job to work as an extra for a couple days on Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland!!! That is the coolest thing i have ever heard!!! She tells me her costume is elaborate and amazing and she will be in the White Queen's court, the White Queen being played by Anne Hathaway. Johnny Depp will be the Mad Hatter... What other roll could he be?? Helena Bonham Carter is the Queen of Hearts... this is going to be an amazing movie!! Super super cool. Go Amanda!

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