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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

tatiana is a nutcase

I heart american idol. what an awesome show. but wow, have they ever before been so blantent over choosing a contestent based solely on their mental instability?? tatiana del toro (or whatever her name is) is INSANE! and i love her! what a psycho. she's great. this is what makes reality tv aweosme, and there she is now pleading to america to keep her dream alive and she's looking into the wrong camera. what a professional.

on another note, work as been insane too. we had another all nighter monday night and i am still trying to catch up on sleep. i got home at about 7am tuesday morning, slept for an hour, came back to work dead on my feet like everyone else for our huge meeting on tuesday, and slept about 12 hours straight tuesday night but still am tired. yet here i am watching idol, sipping on my wine, and blogging for the first time ever. yay! this dude singing a hero lies in you.... by mariah carey??? wtf.


  1. Jamie, I feel Tatiana is a loose cannon, immature and extremely annoying. Any talent she has is usurped by her irritating personality. However, I know you are a cutie and I love you bunches! Auntie Pam xx oo

  2. well pam, all those things you're saying are why i love her: i love her for her pure entertainment value as a trainwreck lol!


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