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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bootcamp is looming....

In only a few weeks I will be starting Columbus Adventure Bootcamp to kick my ass into shape! I am slightly apprehensive about this but mostly excited! It's a 4 week program, either 3 or 5 days per week (I'm doing 3) at 5:30am for an hour each day. Activities will be different each day, i think, and will include everything and anything from what I understand. My dear friend Ashley has done it where she lives in Florida and had amazing results. Her instructor required them to follow a raw diet as well, and if my instructor does not require a diet i will be taking this raw diet on anyway, but will add to it with healthy grilled chicken or fish too. i cant do all raw all the time, i'd die! My friend Molly from work is going to be joining me in this adventure, so wish us luck! For just once in my life I’d like to have some nice muscle tone, which this should achieve. We will be doing this from march 16 to april 10, and then I plan to do it again in may just in time for the beginning of summer, bonnaroo, and phish tour!

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